July 1958

Chlotene Journey Graduated H.S. & Married Eric Tubbs

August 1959

Theresa Tubbs Born

half sister
July 1960

Carol Tubbs Born

December 1961

Linda Tubbs Born

January 1963

John Tubbs Born

June 1963

Chlotene & Eric Divorce

Approximate date
June 1964

Chlotene Arrested & Hospitalized

Approximate Date. Picked up on freeway for hitch-hiking. Ft. Wayne, IN. Found carrying stolen I.D. Judge transferred her to Central Ohio Psychiatric Hospital for 90 days.
March 1966

Chlotene 2 Years in Prison

Approximate date. West Virginia for Grand Theft Auto.
September 1966

Edward VanHoose Born

Half-brother born while Chlotene in West Virginia prison. Born with disabilities. Currently lives in Denver, SC with partner Don.
February 1969

Michelle Thompson Born

Given up for Adoption.
April 1969

Chlotene moves to Phoenix, AZ

Becomes a missing person. Works as a diner waitress.
April 1970

Emily Tubbs Born

September 1979

Emily & Mom move from Phoenix to Columbus, OH

Greyhound Bus
September 1987

Emily begins dating Tim

June 1988

Emily Graduates H.S. & Begins College

Whitehall-Yearling H.S. (suburb of Columbus) / Ohio State University
February 1990

Emily Tubbs Marries Timothy Kreider

May 1991

Emily Drops out of College

Studied English
October 1992

Barbara Kreider Born

Emily’s 1st child.
November 1993

Tim tells about priest

January 1994

Emily returns to college

Ohio Dominican College (Now University)
April 1994

Rachel Kreider Born

Emily’s 2nd child.
May 1996

Emily Graduates from College

June 1998

Emily Graduates with MSW

June 2001

Opening of Emily’s Toys

August 2004

Emily’s Toy’s Closed

October 2005

Began Campaign for Ohio Senate

January 2006

Began drinking daily

November 2006

Election Day 2006

I came in 2nd which is also last.
January 2007

Began full-time job at Pearson Publishing

March 2007

Emily moves out

Rents 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment.
March 2007

Drank to intoxication almost every night

July 2007

Emily begins dating Pete Johnson

July 2007

Legally changed name from Kreider to Journey

February 2008

Tim and Emily Divorce Final

August 2008

Emily Journey marries Peter Johnson

August 2008

Sudden onset extreme lower back pain

August 2008

Drank daily with Percoset

September 2008

Emergency back surgery

October 2008

Left Employment at Pearson

December 2008

2nd Back Surgery

First back surgery failed. Spinal Fusion surgery required with a 10 month recovery period.
January 2009

Pete moves out

A regular occurrence.
February 2009

Utilized Food Bank

W.A.R.M. Westerville Area Resource Ministry
May 2009

Began work at Franklin Services

Director of Sales
March 2010

Emily begins dating Mark

June 2010

Barbara graduates from H.S.

July 2010

Emily and Pete Divorce Final

January 2011

Onset of cervical neck pain

February 2011

Married Mark Long

April 2011

Moved in with Mark

June 2011

Neck Surgery

June 2011

Rachel Graduates from H.S.

October 2011

Moved out of Mark’s house

Got my own 1 bedroom apartment with a 6 month lease. Mark showed up after work and I had left without telling him. I should have stayed left.
December 2011

Moved back into Mark’s house

Our relationship was always “mine and yours”.
January 2012

1st Website Design Proposal Accepted

I had started my business several months earlier and this was my first paid website.
October 2012

First AA meeting

I was hoping to save my marriage. I wanted to have my old life back–the life where I didn’t think about drinking from the moment I woke up in the morning. What I didn’t know was that I would never get my old life back. Instead, I got something better. I was able to get 3 months of sobriety before relapsing. I struggled to stay sober. I hated AA. Over the next 14 months, I drank less overall but found it difficult to string together more than a week or two of abstinence.
January 2014

Quit drinking but did not work on recovery

I popped into a meeting maybe once every other month. This is called being a dry drunk. Stayed this way until Adam and I started dating in January 2015. He went to meetings every single day. Sometimes twice a day. He never suggested that I attend more meetings. He led by example. And I followed his example.
October 2014

Mom sets fire to neighbor’s door

January 2015

Started going to AA meetings regularly

February 2015

Started Dating Adam

2 weeks before my divorce was final.
February 2015

Divorce from Mark Long Final

April 2017

Rachel came to work for me

September 2017

Last Relapse

Memorial Day 2017. I relapsed for one day. Got really drunk and really sick. I’ve been sober and an active member of AA since.
October 2017

Adam Knolls and Emily Journey married

February 2020

Shoulder Surgery

August 2020

Chlotene’s felony expungement granted


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