How much should I charge for my services?

There was a time when I felt insecure about the value of my services. I believed every single recipient of a proposal from me was supposed to say, “yes.” If a prospect said, “no” then it was because of a problem in my proposal.

You know… like the price.

As soon as I hit the send button to deliver my proposal, the second-guessing went into overdrive.

  • Am I charging too much? (Or, too little?)
  • Did I say everything in just the perfectly right compelling perfect way?
  • Is my proposed timeline fast enough?
  • Who else are they considering? Am I better?
  • Is my offer attractive enough?

Then, after my proposal was accepted, I worked my ass off putting in overtime evenings and weekends. I waffled back and forth between worrying that I charge too much and wondering why I was working so hard for such little pay. I worked so many hours for so little money that I wondered how other people were able to pull this off in their own businesses.
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