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Which Foods Contain GMOs?

you ever wondered if products like Doritos or Goldfish crackers have GMOs in them? That’s why in episode 05 of GMO Watch we reached out to a few household name brands to see if some of our favorite products contain GMOs! In this episode of GMO... read more⇒

Do GMOs Cause Cancer?

lot of people have domains and they will tell you all of the horrible things that genetically engineered crops will do, and on the other hand, there is peer-reviewed literature being produced by academic, government, or industry scientists and... read more⇒

GMOs and Sustainable Crops

if you could engineer insects so that they couldn’t transmit diseases like Dengue or Malaria or you could engineer insect pests to genetically get rid of their own populations. It’s a lot to think about. That’s why episode 3 of the GMO Watch Podcast... read more⇒

GMO Labels

to the implementation of the Organic Food Law, every state had their own organic standards. For example, Vermont could say one thing was organic while California says another thing is organic and no one really knew what it meant. That’s why episode... read more⇒

What are GMO’s?

curious about GMOs and why I choose to eat organic and non-GMO foods. My guests and I are going to break down the hype around GMOs in our food so that you can come to your own conclusion about what you want to eat. That’s why episode 1 of the GMO... read more⇒

Welcome to GMO Watch

Watch, hosted by Emily Journey, explores common questions about food and GMOs.  Questions like “Why do I eat organic?”, “Are GMOs bad for you?” or “Do certain food brands have GMOs in them?” Her guests break down the science and trivia behind food... read more⇒

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